About Us

Laura and Jack Kitch are the late benefactors of The Kitch Foundation. Both Jack and Laura were Professors at Brooklyn College, CUNY. Laura Kitch was a Professor of sociology and Jack was a Professor in the English Department. For Laura and Jack education was more than a career, it was a way of life. They viewed education as a gift, a gift that one could offer the younger generations and subsequently to society as a whole; for the fate of a society depends upon the education of its people.

For more than thirty years Laura and Jack educated, enlightened, and influenced the young minds of our society. Today, the life’s work of Laura and Jack Kitch continues through the establishment of The Kitch Foundation.

The Kitch Foundation is a charitable scholarship program available to citizens of the United States for higher education. The selection committee is seeking students who display intellectual proficiency, strong character and leadership potential. It is the mission of the Kitch Foundation to invest in the future of our society today by investing in the lives of our young scholars.

Thank you for your interest in The Kitch foundation while exploring your options for college funding. On behalf of The Kitch Foundation we wish you the best of luck in your educational endeavors.

Kind Regards,

Gabrielle Platz, Ph.D.

Scholarship Chair